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Executive Supply Chain Masterclasses

Program Overview

The Executive Supply Chain Masterclasses aim to develop the next generation of supply chain leaders by strengthening their strategic thinking, managerial abilities, and leadership skills.  The program entails courses that are aimed to prepare participants for senior leadership roles in supply chain management by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and experiences needed to navigate complex business environments, drive organizational performance, and foster innovation. These courses can be delivered through a variety of formats, including in-person workshops, online modules, self-paced learning materials, case studies, group discussions, and experiential exercises.


Each course is unique in its kind, and you will learn from top experts from leading academic institutions and practicing professionals in the business world. Also, each class combines academic knowledge with strong real-life business cases.

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Course CodeList of CoursesDates (2024)LocationCostRegister
001Transformative Technologies in Supply Chain Management05-07 Feb | 01-03 July | 27-29 NovOnline$199Click Here
002Public Procurement for Sustainable Development 12-14 Feb | 08-10 July |04-06 NovOnline$199Click Here
003 Sustainable Supply Chain Management & ESG Compliance 19-21 Feb | 03-05 June | 28-30 OctOnline$199Click Here
004Strategic Excellence in Warehousing & Distribution Management 26-27 Feb | 12-13 Aug | 13-14 DecOnline$120Click Here
005Supplier Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals17-18 April | 20-21 Aug | 12-13 DecOnline$120Click Here
006Contract Management & Service Level Agreements 16-18 April | 29-30 Aug | 02-03 DecOnline$120Click Here
007Strategic Negotiation Skills for Procurement Professionals15-16 May | 18-19 Sep | 11-12 NovOnline$120Click Here
008Strategic Sourcing: Optimizing Procurement for Competitive Advantage03-05 April | 10-12 June | 09-11 OctOnline$199Click Here
009Design and Implementation of Inclusive Procurement Programs01-02 April | 01-02 Aug | 14-15 NovOnline$120Click Here
010Building Efficient Supplier Relationship Management 02-03 May | 02-03 Sept | 18-19 NovOnline$120Click Here
011Ethics for Public Procurement Professionals 13-14 May | 10-11 Sept | 21-22 OctOnline$120Click Here
012Curbing Corruption in Public Procurement 10-11 June | 22-23 July | 21-22 NovOnline$120Click Here
013Logistics Excellence: Strategies for Streamlined Operations17-18 June | 14-15 Aug | 21-22 NovOnline$120Click Here
014Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management 25-26 July | 29-30 July | 25-26 NovOnline$120Click Here
015Integrated Urban Transport Planning and Strategies17-18 Sept | 26-27 Sept | 05-06 DecOnline$120Click Here
016Analytics for Supply Chain Excellence20-21 Feb | 03-04 Oct | 04-05 DecOnline$120Click Here
017Essentials of Healthcare Supply Chain Management08-10 May | 10-12 July | 25-27 SeptOnline$199Click Here
018Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain Management22-24 April | 27-29 Aug | 09-11 DecOnline$199Click Here
019Supply Chain Career Preparedness Through Internship06 Mar | 04 July | 07 OctOnline$120Click Here
020Excellence in Supply Chain Quality: Techniques and Applications22-23 May | 01-02 Oct | 11-13 DecOnline$120Click Here

Established in 2019, the African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) provides supply chain research, education, outreach, and networking solutions for a better Africa.





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