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AISCR, an independent institute advancing the supply chain profession

We provide world-class supply chain solutions to emerging issues, fostering economic growth and sustainable development in Africa and beyond. Through impactful collaborations and strategic initiatives, we aim to strengthen economic relations between the US and African nations, supporting inclusive growth, regional integration, and sustainable development.


We deliver valuable contract research services tailored to support specific client requirements. Contact us today to explore how AISCR can assist you in achieving your research goals and objectives.


Elevate your supply chain career with AISCR! Explore our exciting career development programs today and gain the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic field of supply chain management.


Benefit from AISCR publications to gain the insight and trends on supply chain management developments. Our publications serve as a valuable resource for supply chain researchers, students, practitioners, managers, executives as well as policy decision-makers.


Join us and actively participate in our executive events and outreach programs, which serve as catalysts for knowledge development and foster collaborative research among scholars. Your involvement can make a significant contribution to the advancement of supply chain management.


Join AISCR today and unlock a spectrum of supply chain solutions that foster professionalization and enhance institutional and individual capacity development. Join us to make a meaningful impact and drive positive change in the industry.


Are you a supply chain professional? AISCR welcomes collaboration with researchers and experts from academia and industry. Join our team of experts at AISCR and contribute to advancing supply chain knowledge and practice.



My association and membership of the African Institute for Supply Chain Research has contributed meaningfully to my professional, academical and personal development. Through my membership, I have access to invaluable information on Supply Chain and Research amongst others.

Sandile Gabela

I urge all SCM enthusiast to consider joining AISCR. AISCR is a leading Pan African research institute that conducts innovative research on supply chain management to support continental wide sustainable development and inclusive growth. AISCR strive to distinguish itself as a non-profit research institute and viewed as authoritative figure on supply chain research in Africa whose work remains non-partisan. Finally, through AISCR weekly Research Support Webinar, I have the opportunity to learn how to conduct great research that will assist me as I prepare to take up my journey of studying towards a Masters in Supply Chain Management.


Mrs Rosemary Tjombonde-Kakuuai

AISCR provides Valuable Avenue whereby supply chain research experts across the continent and in the diaspora channel their expertise towards the much-needed innovative supply chain research in Africa, supply chain knowledge development, and facilitate best-practice on the continent. As a result, the AISCR has further equipped me with well-grounded resource to disseminate supply chain operations, and management practices from an African perspective! 

It is indeed a great honor to be a member of the AISCR.

Dr Sherif Salvador

The institute is also a major contributor to the supply chain management body of knowledge, through insightful lectures by renowned professionals in the field, workshops, peer reviewed journals and magazines, where opportunities for one to one research and writing skills are also sharpened.

Godfrey Rantshabeng

AISCR ceaselessly worked hard in developing lots of programmes related to Supply Chain Management area and also the Research methodology webinar series that can be useful for young or early career researchers in Africa. I also presented my speech on “Formulating Research Design” which was part of this webinar series organized on 12 September 2020. I wish the AISCR, all the very best will address the various supply chain-related challenges not only in Africa but also in the rest of the world.

Prof Dr Ravinder Rena

Through membership and affiliation to AISCR, Supply chain practitioners have access to a professional networking community and opportunities for continuous personal development. The invaluable exposure to trending best practices that AISCR offers, empowers one to positively manage change and deliver exceptional business performance.

Dr Mike Manga DBA, FCIPS (Chartered)

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    Established in 2019, the African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) provides supply chain research, education, outreach, and networking solutions for a better Africa.





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