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Big ideas. Time and space to explore them.

AISCR organises executive conferences, outreach and networking programs events aimed at fostering excellence in supply chain research and capacity building. Well-established researchers and practitioners facilitate discussions on numerous topics related to starting, maintaining, and managing research careers.

Join us to learn and take part in facilitated discussions full of insights.



AISCR organizes annual pan-African supply chain conferences hosted in partnership with academic institutions where academic experts and researchers present findings of their latest research on the topics and issues facing African supply chains. The annual conferences provide networking, career development, and educational opportunities to the supply chain management community. AISCR conferences incorporate a doctoral colloquium as well as an educators conference aimed to contribute to the teaching and training of supply chain practitioners in Africa and beyond.

Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge and help improve overall supply chain operations.

Join us at the premier African academic supply chain conference.

Webinar Series

AISCR hosts interactive webinars to explore key topics, share best practices, and foster collaboration in supply chain management. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, an academic researcher, or a student looking to expand your knowledge, our webinars offer valuable insights and opportunities for learning and networking. We host four categories of webinar series:

  • Research Support Webinar Series
  • Supply Chain Management Game Changers Series
  • Webinar Series on Procurement & Contracting for small businesses
  • The Supply Chain Educators Webinar Series

Join our Webinar Series and be part of the conversation on advancing supply chain excellence and career development.



AISCR is proud to present its Seminar and Lecture Series, designed to provide a platform for learning, knowledge exchange, and collaboration in the field of supply chain management. Our seminar and lecture series are held in the US and across the African continent on various topics by reputable supply chain professionals. We bring together industry experts, scholars, practitioners, and students to share their research findings, and foster dialogue on the latest trends and developments shaping supply chain dynamics.

Join our Seminars & Lecture Series as we explore the complexities, innovations, and opportunities within African supply chains.



AISCR is proud to host a series of Supply Chain Summits and Symposiums, bringing together thought leaders, industry experts, researchers, and practitioners to explore emerging trends, share best practices, and collaborate on solutions to supply chain challenges. We provide a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and capacity building, fostering innovation and driving positive change within the supply chain community.

Be part of our Supply Chain Summits and Symposiums to gain valuable insights, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to the future of supply chain excellence in Africa and beyond. Together, we can build a more resilient, sustainable, and efficient supply chain ecosystem for the benefit of all.



AISCR host quarterly Supply Chain Roundtable Discussions, where industry experts, practitioners, policymakers, and academics come together to explore pressing issues, share insights, and develop collaborative solutions on supply chain management. We provide a platform for open dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collective problem-solving, with a focus on driving innovation and advancing best practices within the supply chain landscape.

The Roundtable Discussions are organized in collaboration with our industry partners. Each discussion features a panel of experts who share their insights and perspectives on the chosen topic. The discussions are moderated to ensure all participants have the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and engage in dialogue with fellow attendees.


Research Workshops

AISCR host research workshops designed to explore and benchmark supply chain practices, share insights, and collaborate on innovative solutions to challenges in supply chain management. The workshops bring together researchers, industry professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders. Our research workshops may be in the form of a focus group discussions to gather insights, perspectives, and experiences from supply chain professionals, academics, policymakers, and industry stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities facing supply chains.

By engaging supply chain professionals, academics, policymakers, and industry stakeholders, we seek to uncover valuable perspectives and experiences that can inform research, policy, and practice in the region.

Established in 2019, the African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) provides supply chain research, education, outreach, and networking solutions for a better Africa.





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