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Course Description

Supplier Market Intelligence (SMI) is critical in positioning organisations in a current volatile business environment. Forward-looking organisations have adopted SMI as a key part of the procurement process to reduce and better manage risks, inform sourcing strategies, improve negotiations, enable cost savings, satisfied customers to remain competitive.

Course Facilitators

Sibongile Shongwe (MBL, MCIPS, CSCP, BCom

Facilitator, Supervisor – Masters Students, Dissertation examiner &

Post Graduate course marker

Sibongile has over 20 years’ experience and has developed Supply Chain and Procurement governance structures for large organisations in the country such as Eskom and ACSA. Chaired and managed Adjudication committees making contracts decisions to the value of R 300million. She also served at different board committees and advised both Executive teams and Board members of Supply Chain and other business matters with values of over a Billion Rands.

She spearheaded SCM transformations as a SCM leader. She further has a solid category management experience and has managed national and global contracts on behalf of international companies operating in the country. She developed regional procurement strategies, executing procurement plans, negotiation of commercial terms and conditions, maintaining relationships and evaluation of key global suppliers achieving more than 30% annual savings in tough economies times.

Is the architecture of integration of small black business into supply chains across the country empowering many black business to access markets that they would not ordinarily have in drastically increasing their revenues and creating sustainable businesses. She continues to influence and advise t on new regulations and amendment to current laws in order to empower and address past inequalities.

Currently consulting in the entire Supply Chain Management value chain including socio-economic transformation, Enterprise and Supplier Development environment.

She is assisting various organisations in designing, developing and implementing efficient Supply Chain functions. Develops and provides various training interventions for corporates on the different aspects of SCM , Risk and Governance.

Writes for various magazines and speak at various conferences and events.

Executive and Business Coach

In the 21 years of her professional experience, Phumzile has successfully spearheaded and delivered a number of business transformation projects in private and public companies her capacity as a senior manager and a business transformation consultant. Some of the projects she has spearheaded include; business re-organisations, SCM organisational design and operating models, SCM digitalisation, skills reforms and training and Financial Management , established and transformed Finance and SCM Shared Services, Implementation of Operational Risk Management solutions,  Contract Management policies and systems, Compliance and Governance structures and Audit management programmes.

She sharpened her ability to formulate effective Business, Finance, HR & Procurement and SCM strategy, Develop a robust Human Capital development capability, implemented Project Management and execution processes, SCM Category Management, Inventory Management, Contract Management, Risk and Compliance Management, Financial & Audit Management, Digitalisation, Skills development in order to deliver increased revenue, reduced costs and improvement of shareholder value.

In her capacity as Finance, Audit and Supply Chain Management lead. She has had to ensure alignment across the business, as such has interacted with all parts of the business including engineering, operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, etc.  Her role in the board risk and governance committee gave her an added opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of the external business drivers and how these can be aligned to internal strategic position and leveraged to deliver improved shareholder value.

Her industry experience is multifaceted and includes Aviation, ICT, Mining, Education, Energy, Securities and Facilities Management.

Target audience

  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Procurement/Purchasing Managers
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Commodity Managers
  • Sourcing Analysts
  • Commodity Analysts
  • Buyers

Importance of the Course (Learning Outcomes)

The course will enable:

  • Understanding and interpreting market data
  • Analysis of supply markets to inform supply chain strategies
  • Management of Supply Chain Risks
  • Improved Supplier Management
  • Stakeholder understanding and satisfaction

Course Content/Syllabus/Topics

  • Basics of Market Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence for Supply Chain
  • Elements of Market Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence Tools

Training methodology

The course will be offered online. Case studies will be presented to enable participants to experience real life scenarios to enable practical application.

Target audience

  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Procurement/Purchasing Managers
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Commodity Managers
  • Sourcing Analysts
  • Commodity Analysts
  • Buyers

Course Costing


Course Dates

17-18 April 2024;

20-21 August 2024;

12-13 December 2024

Course Registration

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