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By delivering tailored and impactful research, we support sustainable economic development and prosperity across the continent. Join us in our mission to drive innovation and create lasting, positive change in Africa’s supply chain landscape.

About Our Research

AISCR is dedicated to advance the field of supply chain management through rigorous and impactful research.  Our research is characterized by its unbiased, disciplined approach, ensuring that our findings are reliable and actionable. We support national and international priorities through comprehensive studies that inform policy, inspire leadership, and foster innovation in both the public and private sectors.

We adopt a problem-centered approach to research. Our team engages aspiring organisations and institutions where our research ideas and innovation provide valuable inputs to promote economic and societal value. AISCR makes use of professional supply chain experts to conduct its activities. Our experts are from academia as well as industry who all have vast experience in supply chain management practice and research. Experts are sought for different projects across industries and countries from the field of procurement, logistics, transport, operations and production management. AISCR has a databank of master’s and Doctoral student who require support to advance their career.


Join the AISCR team of researchers to shape the future of Africa!

Research Focus Areas

Our research focuses on critical supply chain issues, aiming to generate knowledge and practical solutions for sustainable economic development. Contact AISCR to explore how we can assist you in achieving your research goals and driving innovation in supply chain management for a sustainable future.

Established in 2019, the African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) provides supply chain research, education, outreach, and networking solutions for a better Africa.





We have offices located in:

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