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Resource mobilization and grant management

Resource mobilization and grant management

Course Description

This workshop is designed for individuals who wish to develop skills on resource mobilisation and grant management. The workshop aims to build capacity of participants to increase their confidence to conceptualise, initiate and secure resources that align to their institution’s strategic plans. The workshop also aims to build the capacity of participants with effective management skills of those resources for sustainability of the vision and missions of their projects and institutions.

This workshop will be facilitated by experienced researchers with track record of winning globally competitive grants, proven record of successful management and implementation of complex research projects.

Target Audience

This workshop has been designed primarily for:

  • Individual wishing to develop skills on grant proposal writing
  • Private organisation seeking to mobilise resource for their work
  • Non-Governmental organisation seeking funding to support their work
  • Governmental organisations seeking additional funds to support projects
  • Post-doctoral fellows, and doctoral students seeking funds to conduct research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

Importance of the Course

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the concepts of resource mobilisation and grant writing.
  • Outline the rationale of grant proposal writing.
  • Describe the process of resource mobilisation and grant writing.
  • Explain the key requirements for successful grant proposal writing.
  • Develop and submit a wining proposal.
  • Develop a resource mobilisation strategy.

Course Facilitator

Prof Benon C Basheka

Course Content/Syllabus/Topics

Module one: Overview

  • Understanding resource mobilisation and fundraising
  • The changing landscape for resource mobilisation and grant writing
  • Types of resources to be mobilised
  • Developing a donor map and understanding the funding sources
  • Critical success factors for resource mobilisation
  • Linking resource mobilisation, grant writing to the organisation’s strategic plan
  • Skills critical for grant writing

Module two: Resource mobilisation processes and grant writing

  • Funding sources/opportunities
  • Developing a donor map
  • Stages in resource mobilisation
  • Process of grant proposal writing
  • The structure and components of a winning grant proposal

Module three: Effectively managing grants and planning sustainability

  • Key organisational processes for managing the secured grants
  • Understanding and complying with the donor requirements
  • Key issues and problems in grant management
  • Organisational & personal branding
  • Developing a resource mobilisation strategy

Module four: Grant writing practical

  • Identifying running calls for proposals
  • Constituting teams for responding to different calls
  • Developing a proposal
  • Managing the submission processes

Module five: Post-course experience sharing

The total number of delegates required:

Maximum of 25 delegates

Training Methodology

The three (3) days’ workshops will be intensive, skills and competence-based through the use of hands-on experience in resource mobilization and grant management.

Participants will receive feedback from both the facilitator and peers throughout the workshop. All required resources linked throughout the contact/virtual workshop, including presentations, web pages, activities, etc. will be provided to participants.

Course Costing


Course Dates

03-05 April 2024

05-07 July 2024

28-30 November 2024

Course Registration

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