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Introduction to mixed method research design

Introduction to mixed method research design

Course Description

Research is a complex phenomenon where the results of research may not be representative. Therefore the researcher must take every care in doing the research. The research design is process that the researcher has to be followed once the research topic and/or main question has been selected, then the research design has to be prepared succinctly. For a typical qualitative study the process is more exploratory in nature, a quantitative study will be more linear and sequential, whereas a mixed research approach can prompt a combination of these two. Recycling, circumventing and skipping occur during research.

Target Audience

Masters and Doctoral students. Any other researchers and policy experts

Importance of the Course

  • The student is expected to learn the difference between quantitative and quantitative research methods and approaches.
  • The student will understand different ways of qualitative research methods and its design specifically.
  • The student will also learn the quantitative methods that are being used in their research.
  • The student is expected to generate appropriate research questions/hypotheses.
  • Student will understand the selection of an appropriate research design, sampling method, data collection and analysis methods in support of the research question/hypothesis.
  • Student demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of research design and ability to critically review research and various steps to be followed.

Course Facilitator

Prof Ravinder Rena

Prof Ravinder Rena is a profound academician and distinguished scholar in economics with over 30 years of teaching and research experience. Prof Rena is a Professor of Economics at the NWU Business School, North-West University, South Africa. He serves as the Honorary Country Director – South Africa for the International Internship University (IIU). He also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Monarch Business School, Monarch University, Switzerland. He published widely in the area of development economics, especially on African issues. He published over 140 articles in reputed journals across the globe. He supervised over 60 Masters and PhD students research. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Education, Economics and Development.

Course Content/Syllabus/Topics

  • Research design
  • Experimental
  • Cross-sectional
  • Longitudinal
  • Case study
  • Comparative
    • Quantitative research, interpretivism and constructionism
    • Qualitative and
    • Mixed method approaches
    • Triangulation Design
    • Research issues and participants’ perspectives
    • Content analysis (Qualitative)

Training Methodology

Virtual via zoom, lecturing and interactive with some practical examples

Course Costing


Course Dates

29-30 August 2024

10-11 October 2024

Course Registration

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