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AISCR Signs MoU with University of Buea, Cameroon

The African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) and the University of Buea (UB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on supply chain management research and capacity building. The inaugural signing was led by Prof Marcus Ambe, President, and CEO of AISCR, and Dr. Rebecca Setino, AISCR Advisory Council member. During the signing ceremony, Prof Ambe and Dr. Setino delivered a presentation on the key value proposition of the MoU.

The main element of the MoU is the introduction of a Professional Master’s program on Supply Chain Management into the curriculum of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences to be developed and rollout in 2023.  This will incorporate the concepts of marketing, procurement, logistics operations, production and all other functional areas in terms of business. Professor Ngomo Horace Manga, signed on behalf of UB. The Vice-Chancellor expressed his thanks to Professor Christopher Molem, who will serve as the Institutional Host.








AISCR Vice President for East Africa Join talk on US-Africa Trade Negotiations

Reverend Charles Malack Oloo, AISCR Vice President for Eastern Africa recently participated in an organized discussion between Ms Elizabeth Baltzan, Senior Advisor for trade in the United States government, and other stakeholders in Kenya.

The purpose of the engagement was to understand how trade partnerships should be packaged in Africa amid the requirements of the 17 SDGs. The meeting held in Nairobi further provided an opportunity for the US Senior Advisor to understand the requirements and other necessities for sustainable trade and investment in Africa.

Trade is considered the greatest channel to achieving sustainable development through all-inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction while preserving the environment. The social, economic, and environmental challenges have been covered in the 17 SDs as points of reference that also fulfill the Triple Ps: Profit, People, and Planet, and all these must be supported by supply chain management in one way or another.

Established in 2019, the African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) provides supply chain research, education, outreach, and networking solutions for a better Africa.





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