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Ayanda Nteta

Supply Chain Executive
Pula Consulting

Ayanda is a seasoned supply chain executive in the energy, manufacturing, banking and telecoms industries across various African countries. She has 20 years’ experience and an established track record in strategic sourcing, contract negotiations and supply chain for commodities over R1bn; she has achieved in excess of R100m costs savings annually. Ayanda has developed and implemented various sourcing strategies, including an R1bn enterprise development fund for the emerging mining industry. She is a lecturer in supply chain management as well as a conference speaker on supply chain and policy development.  Ayanda is a Masters in Business Leadership graduate and a Fellow of the Charted Institute of Procurement and supply.

Ayanda is a supply chain executive with experience is planning, guidance, coordination, strategy development and execution on various areas of supply chain.  Her over 20 years in supply chain management has allowed her to gain skills in the various facets of supply chain, which includes policy development, procurement, warehousing, asset and inventory management, transportation, expediting and tracking distribution. Ayanda has successfully directed cross-functional partnerships to exceed expectations in highly competitive and complex environments with the goal of growing and diversifying intricate supply chain life-cycles. She has experience with complex operations including leading procurement, finance, human resources, logistics, environmental and technical teams, focusing on total cost optimisation.

Ayanda provides strategic support, business intelligence and supply chain advisory to all levels of the organisation, including Board.  This included developing strategies, having won an award for the development of a multi-disciplinary supply chain strategy in 2013.  She has experience working for large state-owned entities as well as major blue-chip private companies. She is a lecturer in supply chain management as well as a conference speaker on supply chain and policy development.

Established in 2019, the African Institute for Supply Chain Research (AISCR) provides supply chain research, education, outreach, and networking solutions for a better Africa.





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